[URGENT] Public Safety Advisory

UIC Police offer the following security tips:

  • Report crime promptly to police at call 312-355-5555 for emergencies or 312-996-2830 for non-emergencies.
  • If at all possible, don’t display valuables in plain sight.
  • Ensure that your entry doors and windows remain locked at all times.
  • Identify your valuables by engraving your drivers’ license number.
  • Photograph and record the serial numbers of all valuables.
  • Photocopy the contents of your wallet and other documents.
  • Store the copies in a safe deposit box or with a relative.
  • Hide or destroy boxes from expensive purchases.
  • Please do not attempt to intervene and approach anyone you believe to be suspicious, be the best witness from a distance and contact the police immediately.
  • A crime-free campus requires that everyone report suspicious activity by calling the UIC Police at 312-355-5555 and report conditions that make crime possible.

On Monday Oct 24, 2022 at 2:15pm UIC Police responded to a report of a burglary at 718 W. Rochford. The victim states that when he returned to his dorm room  on Sunday night, he discovered that unknown offender(s) made illegal entry to his dorm room, that was ransacked, and removed a credit card, then attempted to steal a computer monitor but was unsuccessful. There are no known witnesses and no injuries reported. There was no explanation for the delay in reporting

UIC Police will lead the investigation. Anyone with information should call 312-996-2830.

Approximate crime location mapped:


Public safety advisories are distributed to the university community in compliance with the federal Clery Act. UIC Police may also issue notifications for off-campus crimes in the interest of public-safety awareness. Security tips are standard precautions, not special or incident-specific measures. Effective January 2021, the university will no longer routinely use race, ethnicity or national origin as a descriptor in public safety advisories. Updates to investigations are not sent by email but will be posted online at http://emergency.uic.edu/public-safety-advisory/

UIC Annual Security Report

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Urgent notifications may be sent via both INSTANT TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) and URGENT mass e-mails. SMS messages — issued only in cases of immediate threat to health and safety, such as a tornado alert, or a major disruption to travel — are faster and more reliable than e-mail. The campus strongly recommends that you register your cell phone for SMS messages at http://sms.uic.edu